Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day! 
So what does your typical Memorial Day look like?  Is it a bbq with family and friends?  Do you go to your local parade?  Do you celebrate at the VFW?  Do you go to the beach or pool?

Whatever you choose to do on this day, take a moment to remember why we really get a 3 day weekend.  The biggest way to say "thank you" and remember those who we have lost is to display your American Flag!  
So...let's plan a party with ways to do that!

The more foods you can make in the red/white/blue theme, the better!  Of course you want to have the appropriate summer foods: hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, chicken, corn on the cob, watermelon, fruit salad, potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw, baked beans, chips, apple pie, ice cream, strawberry shortcakes, star shaped cookies, lemonade, sweet tea and beer!

But then there is always the "flag cake" or "jell-o layered parfait"!  They look so fun!

Well, we already know what our color palette is, so now we just have to figure out how to execute it.
Well, here's some inspiration...

So flags everywhere is one idea! You can fill up little buckets of sand and stick in some flags and you've got a centerpiece.  You could also make pom poms or paper lanterns to hang.  Pennant banners always have a big impact when strung outside.  Also, white and red petunias in festive planting pots would be a great centerpiece.  If you're planning a kids party, fill clear jars with different red, white or blue candies!  They will love it and it will make a huge statement.  I also love the idea of buckets full of red, white or blue bottled drinks!

Love this centerpiece with combining flags with an old American tradition of baseball.

Also, decorate your home!  Purchase some cotton bunting material that you can re-use each year and go crazy!

Music is also a great way to get people celebrating!  So make a fun CD of your favorite patriotic songs and blast it loud!

Also, support our military by attending your local parade.  Wave some American Flags and say thank you to each of the military soldiers!

Let's remember why we get this 3 day weekend.  It's to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom.  At 3pm (EST), pause for 1 minute to remember those who we have lost during the National Moment of Remembrance.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Snow White Party

Snow White 3rd Birthday Party!

So my daughter wanted a Snow White birthday party, but I didn't want to do the usual Princess party that we have done before, so I decided to go with the "Enchanted Forest" theme of Snow White.

First I decided on colors...very easy...Snow White's dress was yellow, blue and red...there it is!

I also wanted to focus on the apple since that was such a big factor in the movie.  I found these cute apple topiaries at Marshall's Home-goods store which I can reuse in the fall!  Also, you'll notice little diamonds everywhere, that's from the Dwarf's mining jobs...they brought them to the party! :)

I purchased these ready made flowers from  They were corsages for all the little princesses!

The magic mirror I purchased from Marshall's too.  I knew I could reuse it so it was a great deal.  I then drew and cut out a face from waxpaper.  It makes it look a little 3-D and floating.

So for the forest, I added apples to my fica trees that I normally keep outside.  I also grabbed some Christmas garland and wrapped it around the chandelier, threw on some "diamond" Christmas ornaments I had as well as purchased some blue birds to "fly" around.

There were 4 boys at the party, so I quickly threw together a Prince's table.  Just some branches in a vase with a sword and shield.

For party favors, I decided not to do I went with Martha Stewart's candy apple recipe.  I loved the idea of using tree sticks (pre-washed and disinfected) as the handle!  I never made these before and they were surprisingly easy!

I also made colorful name tags for each apple.  I had leftover scrap-booking materials that I used.

Oh, and with the leftover candy I had from the apples, I made some giant lollipops for our game prizes.  First the kids all got to color a princess picture of their choice.  Then we played a guessing game.  Each adult acted out one of the Dwarfs and the kids had to guess which one we were.

So this activity was the real hit of the party...I made a magic potion like the witch made in the movie!  I mixed 2 Tbsp of "pond water" (tap water) with 1 Tbsp. of "mummy's dust" (baking soda).  Then you pour in 2 Tbsp. of  "monster's tears" (white vinegar) and it all bubbles up and over the cup.  We did this before singing Bella Happy Birthday!

Yes, I dressed as a princess too!

The food table!!!!

First I made a banner from extra scrap-booking materials I had.  I also made these pom poms from simple tissue paper.  Pom poms are my  new favorite decoration, topping even balloons.  If stored correctly, they can be used over and over again at parties and make a big impact.  These huge one's cost about $1 each to make.

For the banner, I connected two different types of paper with small star brads.  Then I cut out the letters and added them with "pop up" stickies.  I then hot glue gunned ribbon to the entire thing and voila!

For food, I decided to go with "Dwarf" everything was in small bite size pieces.  And, of course, I made food cards with titles of the characters of the movie.

So, initially I wanted to make these cupcake pops I had seen online...
...however, I would rather die than do that again...OMG, so much work and they didn't even turn out as cute as they were suppose to.  Anyway, they are red velvet cakes dipped in chocolate and white chocolate.  I tried to put them on pops and stick them to this foam triangle shape, but they kept falling off so I improvised.

Lastly we did presents!  I always have 2 seats so that the gift giver can present the present to the birthday girl and then the birthday girl can give a proper thank you.

One of my twin boys was Grumpy Dwarf and the other was Bashful Dwarf!  Can you guess who was who?

My 4 year old daughter was Sleeping Beauty!

And, of course, the birthday girl was Snow White!

We had a great time at the party!  In the middle of the party, the birthday girl gave me a huge hug and whispered "thank you mommy" in my ear!  That made it all worth it!