Monday, October 21, 2013

Adult-Only Halloween Party

So I have these great friends (shout-out to Christie and John Mazur) that love Halloween more than any other you'll see! They wanted to throw a neighborhood Halloween party for some close friends and I couldn't wait to help!

Here is Christie and I just before the guest arrived...quickly taking a shot between lighting candles, setting out food and all the hectic last minute details. :)

I got her this sign as a thank you gift for perfect for our party!

So, let me tell you all about this party starting with the front yard!

First of all they were recently on the news for their yard decor! :)
John is a business owner and Christi is from Canada, so they have an opinion about Obamacare.  So, for the 2nd year in a row, they incorporated politics into their decorations which I think is hysterical!  I've included the link to their news report and you will see that they don't take themselves that seriously and would never mean to offend anyone, they are just having fun!

On a quick side note, when I first met Christie a year ago she said she wasn't that creative.  She had worked for years in a professional setting and didn't consider herself that crafty.  WELL, apparently she's modest and humble, because I would say that she's one of the most creative people I know now and I'm super honored to have met her so we can spend hours imagining, creating, planning and crafting!

So when you walk up to her front porch you'll notice two huge skeleton wreaths!  She made these amazing wreaths from a bag of bones and hot glue!

Then she used her Christmas trees and wrapped them in bloody ribbon and added some bats and ravens!

These ghouls are scary!  She bought Styrofoam heads and adhered cheesecloth!  We twisted in hooks at the top of their head and hung them with fishing line.  And, big event planning secret, buy a ton of command hooks!  They were used everywhere!

She had this large wall that I thought we should take advantage of, so we hung more command hooks and stretched spider webs across.  Then we hung larger hooks and hung the spiders!  So much fun! 

Isn't this a beautiful foyer table?

Gross and awesome stick-ons!

The prize table!  Now she outdid herself on these!  She bought floppy skeletons and hot glued all the joints together and painted/made clothes for them.  First is the Funniest Costume Award, then The Best Couple Award, then the Oscar goes to....The Most Creative Award!

The food table!  Due to the lighting, you can't see all the cheesecloth, spider webs and spiders hanging from her chandelier, but it was impressive!  I also love the creepy cloth over the windows and the wanted posters covering her existing art!

Perfect way to add spook to your wall dishes!

Wanted Posters!

Probably the most popular food/drink dish hands down!  She filled 100 of these needles with Jell-O shots!

I made these yummy spider eggs :)

She made this delicious spider dip!

What?  Who hasn't had bat poop before?

I made these vampire cookies for our dessert!

I just thought this detail was perfect!

Ok, so this candy corn martini had me taking me heels off pretty early into the night! :)

I made these crab Backbone Roll-Ups!

Witches hats and broom sticks!

 Don't you want to "rest" in this restroom?

More gory details!

The wine bar!

Another table for food!

Not sure why, but I fell in love with's not so obviously Halloween but perfectly spooky!


So, they just had this fireplace finished the day before the party!  Amazing!  And it was her hubby John's idea to hang the ghoul and her idea for the banner...see, let the ideas flow and see what happens!

Cheap and easy centerpieces...empty wine bottles, spooky labels, white taper candles and spray on blood!

Now this skinny swimmer stole the night along with the 12 pumpkins that lined the back of the pool!  Beautiful!

Her hubby gets this vodka in a skull every year and he keeps the empty bottles.  This year he filled them with oil and made them into tiki torches!  Brilliant!

So Christie and I wanted a place to take good photos of all the couple's costumes.  So, easy peasy...a white sheet, some spooky lace and some tombstones.

Now let the costume parade commence....

Our lovely Hostess and Host for the evening...
50 Shades of Grey
 Ok, some background here.  You all know that I host Wine Down at my home every Friday afternoon for the neighborhood moms and their kids.  So this summer a fellow male neighbor (shout out to Bill Laughlin) started hosting Kill-A-Keg for the men in our neighborhood and it was a huge success!  So he and I joined forces and had a great summer combining the two at our neighborhood pool.  Once the pool closed, we started First Fridays at our neighborhood clubhouse on the first Fridays of every month for an adults only social.  Hence the costume! :)  My hubby was a good sport wearing this...but, in a typical male fashion, he took it off shortly thereafter! LOL!

I wish you could see the wine cork earring and bracelet I made, they tied it all together!
Wine Down, Kill-A-Keg and our First Friday's Baby

This couple always gets made fun of for their tiny, battery operated car.  So they made a joke out of it!

Clowning Around!

Progressive's Flo and Mayhem

Mourning Woman and Mid Evil Princess

Duck Dynasty

Pirate and Pimp

Monk and his Mid Evil Princess


Kris Kardashian and Bruce Jenner

Ref and Hockey Player

Roaring 20's

Heidi HO and Pimp
 Background....below you will see a girl scout.  What's funny about this is that she truly is a Girl Scout Leader!  And, the King of Kill-A-Keg parties in our neighborhood....Bill Laughlin!
Girl Scout and Beer Keg

Black Eyed Peas

Well, that was a super fun night!  So happy I could share it with all of you!  A big thank you to Christie & John Mazur for hosting and letting me be apart of the process as well as post these photos!

Now, remember, the day after Halloween, run to your party stores and buy all that crap for next year 75% off! :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Halloween Mantle, Banner & Silhouette Cameos

 This is the first year I decorated my mantle/shelves for Halloween.  I blame my good friend Christie!  Tomorrow I will show you why, but I believe I've met my crafting soul mate!  Wait till you see her mantle for Halloween...anyhow, she inspired me!

So most of the stuff on the shelves I already had for my annual Halloween party for the kids, but I needed stuff for the mantle, and cheap!  

First I made the banner.  It's very easy and super inexpensive.  You just buy a couple of different patterned scrap-booking paper, usually about $.29 - $.59 each.  Or you can buy a whole pack of themed paper on sale for $9.99 at Michaels!

You measure the paper, which is usually 12x12.  Then you make 3 even marks on the top and 3 on the bottom at the 3", 6" and 9" spots.  After that, you continue to use your ruler by playing connect the dots and drawing your long lines to form what looks like 2 triangles, but turns out to be is upside down now. :)

Then you lay them all out on your floor and hot glue a ribbon to the top of each.  Super easy!
P.S.  Keep the 2 extra pieces and make mini pennant banners with them to place over a cake or as a centerpiece on your tablescape.

I also have wanted to do my children's silhouette faces for over a year now, but never made the time.  I thought silhouettes would be perfect for Halloween so I forced myself to sit down and do it even though it scared the crap out of me.  You have to use a cutting mat and an E-xacto knife to make these and that is what scared me most...I'm not a freaking surgeon!

I had each child stand sideways against my white walls.  I made sure to take photos of them going in each direction in case I wanted to change things up later.  Then I printed them out in black and white and laid them on top of black scrapbook paper, the heavy card stock type.  Then you very carefully and slowly start cutting out their outline.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I had to redo 2 out of the 4.  I wasn't happy with doing it twice, but I wanted to keep these forever so I did want them perfect.  Long story short, it ended up being a lot easier than I thought.  Glad I had a few minutes of bravery!

I also bought the 10x13 frames at Michaels because they are an odd size and were $5.99 as opposed to the $40 11x14 frames.  The only problem with that is they don't offer standard colored mats for a 10x13 so I did have to dry brush the mats with an acrylic orange paint (2 coats).

I think they turned out great!

Now I can change the mats out with different colors to go with my different holidays...that makes me giddy!

Happy Halloween!