Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve Checklist

Today is New Year's Eve, so I thought I'd share my checklist with you all of what we try to accomplish for this holiday.  I don't have to do all of this, but it's fun to pick and choose what we want to do on this last day of the year!  Hope it inspires you to make some fun traditions with your family!

You can download the checklist along with lyrics to Auld Lang Syne here:

Friday, December 28, 2012

Elf on the Shelf

And so begins our journey with our first year with our Elf on the Shelf!

So the day after Christmas we go get our Christmas Tree.  This particular year we went to a local farm and cut down our tree.  When we got home and cut the cords around the tree, this is what fell out....

...our Elf, along with a birds nest! :)

So we spent the day putting up all our Christmas decorations while "Elfie" watched.

So I like to coordinate my Elf on the Shelf mornings with our Advent Calendar.  Instead of candy in each bag, there's an activity for the day.  I made the rag garland myself.

 This morning Elfie was caught watching his movie and reading letters from the kids.

Elfie was in the freezer with a letter from the kids and a Snow Globe gift!

Today he was caught playing on the computer and had made a video of the kids!  

Today was the day before my daughter's birthday and we were going to spray paint the school rock.

Today was my daughter's birthday, so Elf had all the birthday books out.

Elfie was caught having story time with the other toys.

Today we were going to our school's Polar Express Winter Festival, so Elfie was riding on the train.

Today was my daughter's "Jump For Joy" birthday party at an indoor trampoline center.  So Elfie was bungie jumping from the ceiling fan.

Another day Elfie was holding my video camera and took a video of himself walking around the house!

Then they got an email video from Santa saying they were on the nice list!

Where's Elfie?

The infamous flour snow angel! 

Elfie was trying to help put away toilet paper, he fell down the stairs.

Elfie caught taking a marshmallow bath. 
So we took a bubble bath ourselves and made Santa beards.

 Today we were going to see Santa!

Elfie was writing his letter to Santa, so we wrote ours! 
From my oldest daughter...
I have the template for this letter on my blog.

Today Elfie suggested that the kids help me clean!  Love that Elf!

Today we decorated our Gingerbread Castle! 
Cousins came over to help!
I did make Gingersnap cookies to fill the air with yummie goodness! :)

Elfie suggested we call the grandparents and sing Jingle Bells! 

This morning Elfie replaced their stockings with their underwear! 

Today we make Christmas cookies for our neighbors! 
And yes, the kids decorate them which is a HUGE MESS!!!!

 Today Elfie suggested we go look at Christmas lights!
We fill our cups with hot chocolate & bring a cookie!
 Looking at lights with our McAdenville!

Elfie was found in the Advent Calendar!

Today Elfie made them Snowman Poop to take to school for the Mystery Reader!
So we had to have Snowman cinnamon buns for breakfast!

 Today Elfie suggested we donate toys!

Elfie is suggesting we wrap presents today!

Elfie is thinking we could make holiday treats for our classmates!

Today was the first day of Winter Break from school, Elfie gave them PJ's for a full Pajama Day!  Winter Break Poem on my blog.

Today was the First day of Winter, Elfie left a poem (on my blog), ear muffs, Jack Frost movie and a SnowBall Fight! 

I also made these winter inspired cookies!

Elfie painted their noses when they were asleep and left them the Rudolph & Prancer movie along with some Rudolph Noses to eat (cherries).

 Rudolph Pancakes for breakfast of course! :)

Elfie has to go pooh sometimes, of course he poohs Peppermint Pooh! :)

Christmas Eve!  Elfie left them some Magic Sleeping Potion (on my blog) and their Christmas PJ's and Socks.

 In honor of Elfie leaving, we gave him a little suit case and a mini mug to drink his Sleeping Potion out of!

Christmas morning...Elfie left each of the kids their own plush Elf doll in their stockings.  We hang them on our bed to ease into Christmas morning in our room.

He also left them a goodbye letter and each of them a Christmas movie. 

Lastly, our first daughter, Monroe, who passed away at birth, gets them a new ornament every year.  It's my way of including her in our traditions and always remember her life.  This year she got them each their own Elf on the Shelf ornament!

So those are my Elf on the Shelf photos.  Hope you are inspired to do some fun stuff with your kids to make their Christmas Season even more magical!