Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Parties!

Christmas parties are upon us, and sometimes it can be very stressful planning them, along with all the other holiday chores to accomplish.  So here is how I remember to throw a great party....always celebrate the 5 senses, decorate high and low and keep it contained to one area!

Decorations!  Pick a theme and continue it in every room: living room with tree, beautiful mantle, dining table centerpiece, bathroom ornaments or soaps.  A theme can be something as obvious as Victorian, rustic, retro, tradition or just colors like red/green/white, light blue and white or different shades of purple.
Beach Theme: all the decor is beachy, even the wrapping paper!
Greet your guest when they walk up to your house with a beautiful wreath and decor.
I'm LOVING the monogram wreaths right now!
Christmas decorations just mean "sparkle" so really anything that you can "fancy up" will do.  Take ordinary flowers, vases or other glass containers and embellish them with Christmas items, candy, jewels or ornaments to make them "sparkle"!

Table decor: always decorate in 3's with items to create a center point and then make sure they are at different heights, even if you have to use lifts.

Chandeliers are a great way to bring height to a room.  Fill them with decor, hang things from them.

Bowl of ornaments, fruits, flowers or items from nature makes for a beautiful display.

Use ribbon everywhere!  Even around your candles for a temporary decoration!

Wrap presents as decor and put down your table, at your front door, under your tree or by your fireplace.

A candy buffet when guest walk in the door or at your next party is always fun, even for us adults!

Lighting:  A fireplace will give the best glow, then add lots of Christmas lights and candles and you've immediately created a cozy setting!
How cozy does that look?
So, I'm a big fan of scented candles, not usually of potpourri, however, when displayed nicely, potpourri really does a great job of "flavoring" the house without looking dusty and old.

Fresh flowers or evergreens/pine will bring the season indoors!  Just add them on your window sill, fireplace mantle, in your chandelier or above your kitchen cabinets...the smell will fill the house!

Christmas music...what else?  Beside's my own Christmas music playlist, this CD is my second favorite!

Textures everywhere!  Textures create depth and interest and makes people want to touch your draws them in.  So make sure you layer your decor with different textures, from fabric, natural elements, sparkly items, glass, ect.  It will make it all look less "store bought" and bring more personality to your room.
I love that this has soft stockings, natural elements like pine cones and cranberries, but it also has some candles, sparkle and presents!  Beautifully layered with textures!
Yummy food appropriate for the season is what really brings a crowd together at Christmas.  Warm apple cider, savory dishes, delicate appetizers and yummy, yummy sweets!

Here are a few photos to inspire you the next time you have to take a side dish to a Christmas party!


Below are a few Christmas parties that I thought were just so much fun!  Hope you are inspired!

Final Favorite Party Tip: if you cannot afford to spread the party decor all over the house (which most people cannot), then reserve it all to one room.  All the party decor in one room makes a much bigger impact than it spread out all over the house.  So keep it contained for a great impression!

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you enjoy the process of creating something beautiful for others to feel loved!