Monday, May 18, 2009

Even planner by occupation, but let's not compare!

Well, my name is Holly and I have four beautiful children who are my life! Sophia is 3, Bella is 2 and my twin boys, Trey & George are about to turn 1. I chose the title "Every day is a Hollyday with 4 kids" because I am a serial holiday celebrator! Ask any of my friends and they will agree. I also schedule my children's days, read a ton of parenting books, facilitate a playgroup every week, and basically just organize and plan every thing and moment of my life. Not that I'm not spontaneous, I love that too! I just like planning for good that a crime?

One day I was talking to my good friend, Jessica, and I asked her if I was weird for being so over the top with holidays and planning. She said no, that there were plenty of other moms out there just like me. So my mission is to find those moms. Where are you overachievers, planners, organized, scheduler, holiday freaks like me?

So, I am a natural even planner. I love to do projects, be organized, plan events, be scheduled, be creative, ect. So, as a mom, you have to use your strengths to your advantage. You find out what you do best and then try to incorporate that into your parenting style and life as a homemaker...this, I find, will bring you more happiness and satisfaction because you're doing a job you love and avoiding being an unhappy mom. It will also satisfy your desire to be back in your career, since you turned your homemaker career into something you love and are good at. So think about what you are good at and magnify that in your parenting...mold your life into your dream job so that you are more fulfilled.

This is my personality and this is my blog to express my personality, but I know that a lot of moms are not like favorite mom quote is this "Moms do the best they can with the personality they have, the husband they have, the children they have, the finances they have, the morals they have, and the time they have. No two family situations are the same, so why compare?"

So in reading my blog, don't compare your life to mine. My life is very unique to anyone else's. Just take whatever you find inspiring and add it to your life. I'm constantly stealing good ideas from my friends!

If you still feel inadequate, remember that I have a lot of weaknesses and fail, in comparison, to other moms a lot. Let me just point out some of my failures to make you feel better about yourself.

First of all, I have a hard time relaxing. Sure I can sit and watch a movie or lay by the pool, but my mind never stops. That's the downside of being a planner. I am working on relaxing my mind and body, but it does not come easy for me. I even take Zoloft to help calm me down! Does that make you feel better?

Sometimes I schedule too much and overexert myself. It's hard to take something off the to-do list, I just keep trying to shuffle things around on the list and prioritize, but rarely do I remove it all together.

Sometimes I exhaust my friends and family with my constant ideas and advice. But seriously, if an idea pops in my head it comes right out of my mouth...there is not much of a filter.

I have a friend who's home is spotless and doesn't have a junk drawer in her house. That is not me.
I have a friend who is a great actress and, seemingly, is always playing with her kids and making fantastic impersonations. That's not me. I play with my kids but I am no where near as funny as she.
I have a friend who is a fabulous cook. She calls herself a "foody". She's super healthy with what she cooks too. Unfortunately, that's not me.
I have a friend who's husband works/in school all the time and she never seems stressed by it. That's not me.
I have a friend who, seemingly, is best friends with her husband and they spend so much fun time together. Again, unfortunately, that's not my life as my husband works a lot.

So, every mom has her strengths. Planning events, celebrating holidays, planning my children's days, and organizing my life just happens to be mine. I wanted to blog about my strengths for 2 reasons:
#1 so I can find other moms who posseses this strength and we can bond and I don't feel like such a weirdo. Hopefully these moms will give me more ideas too.
#2 so other moms can maybe be inspired and get ideas.

So let's start blogging!

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