Thursday, May 28, 2009

Twins 1st birthday

So, I'm planning the twins 1st birthday party and doing a sports theme...#1 All-Stars. Here is a picture of the invitations I made & sent out. We are going to have a football field, soccer field, basketball court, baseball field and cheerleading area of course! I am having a lot of fun planning will be fun for the kids with prizes and yummy treats, but it will also be fun for the adults since it's a cookout. Hopefully the weather will cooperate or else we'll all be in the garage. Anyway, I also made a registry for the that tacky? I just thought if people didn't know what to get them (not that they have to get them anything because we have everything we need), then they would have a resource. It's under my Amazon wishlist: But I'm not sure what boys like or will want since I'm a girl and have 2 older girls. If you have any boys, check out the registry and let me know if I'm missing any great "gems". Thanks! And I'll post after the party with lots of pictures!
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