Monday, June 17, 2013

First Day of Summer

The first day of summer is this Friday, June 21, 2013 at 1:04am.  As with most holidays, I like to give a fun surprise, but I like to give things to them at that time that I know I need to purchase anyway.  Every year we need new sand toys (our lovely dog likes to chew them up).  We always need new sidewalk chalk, goggles and bubbles.  

I do like to also get new beach towels...there's something about having all matching towels when we go to the pool/beach that makes me giddy! :)  It's just easier to keep track of them all when they are exactly the same and there's no arguing over who gets the dang spiderman towel!  

So here is what the kids woke up to last year on the First Day of Summer:

This day is also a great day to grill out.  Corn on the cobb, chicken kabobs,'s fabulous! 

Dessert...this is what we did last year, flip flop cookies :)  Just some nutter butter cookies with a little line of icing and mini m&m's.  Easy peasy and it's something the kids can help with too.

Last year I had lots of chores to do so we didn't go to the pool.  Instead I created a fun "water slide" for them by dragging over the kiddie pool to fit under our playground slide.  Then I rigged the water hose to run down the slide.  So, this wasn't the safest thing ever...they went down the slide and banged into the end of the pool with force.  However, they loved it! :)

So here is what happens on this day...scientifically speaking and all:
We know it's summer because the earth's axis tilts toward the sun from June to September - this means warmer weather and longer days. For people who live in the Southern Hemisphere, (basically the other side of the world from North America), they will have colder weather and shorter days.
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