Sunday, May 24, 2009

A day in my life with 4 kids...

People are always asking me, “how do you do it with four kids…how do you get things done?” So, in an effort to answer their question, here is a video blog of my entire day with the kids. Don’t worry, it’s not 12 hours. I hope you understand me a bit better and maybe get a few good ideas for your own family life. If you have any ideas you think I would like, please share!

7:00AM Wake up and make breakfast
7:30 AM Breakfast for boys
8:00 AM Get girls up for breakfast
8:30 AM Girls video time, Mommy preps dinner
9:00 AM Kid’s bath time or dress time
9:30 AM Boys nap time, girl’s bedroom time, Mommy showers & gets dressed
10:30 AM Girls clean up bedroom
11:00 AM Table time: Sophia’s school time, Bella’s color time, music time & Mommy preps lunch 11:30 AM Wake boys & lunch time for family
12:00 PM Clean up
12:30 PM Story time with girls
1:00 PM Bella's nap, Sophia's video time, Mommy & boy’s time
1:30 PM Boys to bed, Sophia's nap, Mommy relaxes for an hour
2:30 PM Mommy’s project time (event planning, budget, bills, laundry, ect.)
3:30 PM Wake boys for snack time
4:00 PM Wake girls for snack time
4:30 PM Girls video time
5:00 PM Bedroom time for boys, basement time for girls
5:30 PM Sign Language Video for boys, basement time for girls continues
6:00 PM Blanket time for girls, Mommy makes dinner, boys snack
6:30 PM Dinner with family & rewards chart
7:00 PM Boy’s bottles and getting ready for bed routine
7:30 PM Bedtime for all kids

P.S. I do have a cleaning service that comes every other week. That helps me spend more time as a mother. Although, I am still kept very busy with laundry, dishes, meals, grocery shopping, errands, daily picking up, ect. But it certainly relieves a lot of pressure!!

To see 5, 10 minute videos, of "A day in my life" narrated by me, go to: Click on Part 1 first and then continue in order.

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