Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Memorial Day Playgroup

Today we had our Memorial Day Playgroup. After lunch we colored a page describing Memorial day in preschool terms. We mostly kept it to discussing "a day we honor American heroes". Then we got some flags and muscial instruments and had a parade in our backyard! It was sweet and very can see in the picture how much fun they were having. There's also a picture of Bella playing her drum...she couldn't walk and hold it at the same time. Then there are the twins mezmorized by the flags. I love playgroup days! It's so nice to catch up with other moms and it's great to have your kids play and interact with other also helps when it's a beautiful day outside! Although, I just had my Jehovah Witnesses come to the door (lovely ladies who come once a month to chat). We talked for about an hour as usual then I asked if I could give their kids (who always wait in the car) a flag & candy. They don't do American flags or celebrate holidays. Very, very opposite of me! To each his own, but I find it a little sad not to be patriotic or supportive of the brave soldiers who lost their lives for our freedom. :(
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