Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Playgroup Roller Skating Lessons!

So today we held playgroup at the local skating rink. When I first called to plan this, I was a bit skeptical of the ability of our 2-4 year olds. But I scheduled it anyway because they were going to give the kids skate lessons and we were going to have the entire facility to ourselves! Well, Mr. Jim was wonderful with the kids! He had cute names for all the moves they should do. They were so kind and made it so fun, that we had a great time! Sophia and Bella picked it up right away and were not scared at all, even when they fell. We ate lunch there, and after lunch was when it got really fun! They turned down the lights, turned on the disco ball and I brought my "Kids Dance Party" CD for them to play. Some continued to skate, but most took off their skates and opted for the scooters or to just run around and dance! It was great fun even for the adults! We will have to do that again very soon...but next time I'll have to wear my leotard & pantyhose! :)
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