Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's Goals...for every day!

Sometimes being a stay at home mom can be a very un-filling job. It can become monotonous and boring; let alone the lack of appreciation that is received (and my love language is “Encouraging Words” so appreciation is very important to me). At some point this year I became discouraged with all of this and decided, as I am a goal oriented person, to write out my goals for my days. This helps me to re-focus on what is important as well as how important all the things I do, on these monotonous days, are sewing into my children’s future. These are my personal goals based on my personality and my contributions to this world:

T O D A Y ’ S G O A L S

My purpose on this journey of life is…to love my life, connect people, build relationships, create beautiful and special moments, help people through life, to see beauty in everything & everyone, to raise happy children & appreciate my husband.

Today I get another opportunity to love on my kids, to encourage them and build their self-esteem, to shape them into good people, to teach them that life is good.

Today I get to make my children’s day extra special.

Today I will consistently discipline my children with love and calmness so that they will be a joy to me and others.

Today I get to make my home beautiful and show my children how to take care of their possessions and be grateful for them.

Today I get to spend time with the man I love and show him, through my acts of service, how much I love him.

Today I am going to love myself by exercising, showering and looking beautiful. I may even relax a little!

Today, I want to learn something new.

Today, I hope to see a little bit more of God.
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