Thursday, June 18, 2009

Twins First Year

On June 19, 2008, at 35 weeks pregnant, I went to my OB for a routine appointment. Driving to that appointment I went into labor. Just a few hours later, I was in the OR having a c-section (thanks to Baby A, Trey's, breech position). We were in the Special Care Nursery for 10 days and then I brought my blessings home! It has been a year with many sleepless nights, lots of spit up (thanks to Trey's acid reflux), many doctor's appointments (once again, thank you Trey for all your scares), and a prescription of Zoloft to take the edge off; but, it's also been such bliss watching two babies grow up together at the same time. My daughters have been such little "mommas" to the boys and the boys have enjoyed every second of them. The twins have completed our family and brought so much laughter, chaos, joy, "awes", cuddles, craziness, and love to my life. A year later, and with much more sleep, I can honestly say I would love more children...I just wouldn't want to be pregnant again. So maybe adoption is in our future? Who knows, but for now, I want to bask in the celebration that we made it through our first year with 4 children age 3 and under and we are no longer in the shadow of SIDS! It is celebration time! Hope you enjoy our montage of photos from the boys first year of life! :)

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