Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Colors Playdate Party

So I love hosting playdates!  It's fun for me to think of simple ideas that the kids would like and run with it.  Today I was suppose to host a "favorite colors" playdate....but all of my kids got sick last night so there is no playdate today.  However, I had everything set up and ready to go last night so I'd still like to share with you all how to do a very simple "colors" party.

Decorations & Activities:

  • I just used the most impactful, colorful toys I had....large cardboard blocks.  You could also use legos, dolls, or a collection of toys that were primary colors.
  • I printed coloring sheets for the kids of crayola boxes of crayons as well as pages to help them learn their colors.
  • We were also going to watch Blue's Clue's "Color's, Color's Everywhere" DVD.
  • I bought large crayons and put them in clear cups.
  • And I used red serving trays that I already had.
  • I used red placemats that I already had to give a good base.


  • I purchased flavored/colored water for kids.  They were $.50 for four so I got them, otherwise you can just make different fruit punches and kool-aid.
  • I purchased containers of colored jell-o.  Again, they were on sale, otherwise you can just make your own.
  • Fruit is always colorful as well as any veggies.  I did dye the ranch dressing blue just to add a punch of color.
  • I diluted some food coloring and washed tortilla wraps in the colors and make meat and cheese pinwheels.  I mixed whipped cream cheese with a Ranch dressing packet and used that instead of helps the pinwheels keep their shape.
  • Lastly, I made rice crispie treats out of Fruity Pebbles to provide a lot of color.

The kids were all going to come dressed in their favorite colors.  Even though my kids are home-bound and sick, we will still enjoy all of this and wear our favorite colors's COLOR DAY!!!!
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