Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April Fools Day

So April Fools is Thursday....we should start planning now how we are going to prank our kids!  Last year I did this and it was a big success.  We called it "goofy" day and I tricked them with lots of crazy foods and a card that they couldn't open.  So here are some ideas for your "goofy" day.
So last year I dyed oranges with red food coloring, used green chips and dyed ranch dressing blue.  I also printed the Goofy cards which the kids loved.  Then, I put blush on each of our noses and the kids and I pretended that we all had the flu when guests came over...they were scared to stay, until we said "April Fools"!  That was fun!

Pranking with food is probably the most popular thing to do with young kids.  There are a lot of great ideas out there....especially from Family Fun.

Check this out....
Dye your child's milk a crazy color!  They will be shocked!

These are cookies, taffy made to look like peas and jelly.

Shocking, I know....but it's Shepherd's Pie...meatloaf on bottom and dyed mashed potatoes on top!

This looks like the real thing for sure!  It's pound cake with dyed buttercream icing!  Yum!

Again, they used pound cake, icing, jelly and malt balls.  How fun!

These are sugar cookies and jelly!

This one is a bit more complicated.  White chocolate and melted yellow m&m's.  The bacon is carmels and tootsie rolls.

Pranks!  There are too many to mention here, but plenty on the web!  Here are my favorites:
I love Goofy's printable trick card to give to kids.  They love it too!

Here are some more pranks that I got from Parenting Humor.
  • Have your kids wear their clothes backwards on this day.
  • Surprise your kids with "silly string" when they come around the corner.
  • Fill the sugar bowl with salt. Wait until your son eats his cereal!
  • Put a fake mouse on the floor.
  • Put a fake ice cube with a fake fly in it in your friend's drink.
  • Wet your hand with water, pretend to sneeze, and sprinkle the water on someone.
  • Take the ball out of the computer mouse. Wait till someone tries to use the computer!
  • On Saturday, wake up your kids and say, "Oh no, you are late for school!"
  • Pour the shampoo out of the bottle and replace it with honey!
  • Put fake bugs in your kids bed.
April also has a lot of other ideas....especially for adults.

Fun Much Pranks had this great list of pranks for adults.  Try some out this week!

  • Get up really early and sneak into your victims bathroom and fill their hair-dryer with baby powder. And when they turn it on, their head will be pure white just like an old person!

  • Before one of your family members takes shower, remove the shower head and place a life-saver candy in it, replace the shower head with the candy now trapped in it. When the person takes a shower he or she will not notice, until they get out and start to dry off the towel will stick to them they will get back in the shower to rinse off... works like a charm.

  • Find a box about the size of a cake. Then cover it with frosting, making it look like a cake. Then put it out in the office kitchen, or wherever people leave free food. Sit back as one of your co-workers tries to cut a slice.

  • Take an empty coffee mix can and replace it with a can with coffee mix in it. Make sure coffee cans are the same brand, or it will not work. At the bottom of the can put a piece of paper that says April Fools. Make sure you help the person with making their coffee to see their reaction. 

  • This ones for all you pet owners! First, put a walky talky some wear near the area of where your pet is laying. Go into another room with the other walky talky. Then, when your brother/sister goes to pet your furry friend, say something like..."Hey Pal! Get your grimy hands off me!" They'll get a kick outta this one!!!

  • Get a small alarm clock and set it for 3:00 a.m. Sneak under the victim's bed. Once it goes off, he/she won't be able to find it will drive them nuts. 

  • Switch the "Pull" and "Push" signs on a set of doors. Watch as people get confused trying to open the doors. (Don't do this on fire escapes)

  • You will need a funnel, a coin, a couple of friends and, of course, a victim! Start playing the 'funnel game' infront of your victim. A game of skill that involves putting the funnel down the front of your pants and balancing the coin on your nose with your head tilted back. Tip your head forward to let the coin drop into the funnel. When you have the victim begging to do this put the funnel in his pants and get him to put his head back so you can balance the coin on his nose. As this is happening pour a large drink into the funnel! 

  • Stick a post-it note under your friend's mouse so that the paper leaf covers the mouse ball - the mouse will no longer work! Align so that the sticky part of the note doesn't touch the ball. Costs next to nothing to do, and doesn't cause any damage.

  • Grab a bottle of liquid soap and head toward the "victims" bedroom. Squirt some of the soap onto your hand and rub all over the doorknob of his/her room. Run away before he or she sees you in the process of doing this prank. 

  • Glue eggs to the carton and beg for eggs in the morning. When the victim gets them the eggs break! 

  • When your victims asleep sneak into their room and draw eyebrows and a moustache on their face, make sure to be their when they look in the mirror. 

  • Put some water in a cereal bowl, and place it in the freezer so that the water freezes. Offer to make your sister/brother cereal in the morning. Make sure you use that same bowl. Put their favorite cereal over the top of the ice, and serve. 

  • Take a rubber band and slip it over the lever on the spray handle so that when someone turns the sink on, it will spray him or her in the face. This is an easy way to pull a great prank! 

  • Tell your kids that you just got the test scores from the proficiency tests and then go down stairs and say to your kids your going to go and make copies and then come running / walking and make your face look like you just saw a ghost and say to your kids that whatever your principals name is just spilled coffee on the proficiency tests and the will have to take it again.

Well, I hope you are inspired to make this a very fun day for your family.  Even if you use just one idea, it will make memories that they will talk about forever!  Happy April Fool's Day!
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