Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Playgroup

Happy Easter is right!  We had a very successful Easter party today! I had asked everyone to bring a side dish for lunch as well as their child's Easter basket.

When guest first arrived, I had chalked out a path for them to follow to the backyard gate...since this was an outdoor event.

So they followed a trail of differently decorate Easter eggs that I quickly chalked out this morning!

Everyone brought some amazing foods!  I just have to highlights some here....

I made ham biscuits with a honey mustard/cream cheese sauce.

Deviled eggs that were DELICIOUS!

Carrots and hummus to appease the Easter Bunny and the healthy!

Also appeasing the healthy was fresh fruit!  Juicy!

Now for us unhealthy types, jelly bean cute?!

These are Oreo cheesecake balls...OMG!  Addicting!

I made carrot cupcakes with green cream cheese icing and threw on a peep!

They were very cute!

I also made a signature's my thing!  We had Easter Extract Punch, which is basically ginger ale, Hawaiian Punch and raspberry and orange sherbert.  Then we had Hoppin' H20 which was water and sliced oranges.

So the spread was a hit!

For outside decor I bought some great fabric and cut to size for each table.  I also hung an array of butterflies and glittered eggs around the deck.

I already owned these greenhouses, so I filled them with Spanish Moss and birds nest, then sat them on artificial grass and added some speckled eggs.

The kids area was a slew of activities.  Chalk to color with, coloring books to pass time and fun Bunny masks to make!

Oh, and I also had these great egg lanterns but nothing to hang them from, so they fit perfectly in my kids Easter voila!

So I wrote the agenda on a chalkboard just to keep myself on track!

We started with making these bunny masks so the kids could do the Easter Egg Hunt wearing them.  I got them from and all the pieces are self-adhesive so we didn't have to worry with glue and they could be used immediately.

There were boy and girl masks so no one felt left out.

We did the hunt on two sides of the yard.  One side was for 1 and 2 year olds and the other side was for 3 and 4 year olds.  This way the older kids didn't monopolize all the eggs.

Lastly we ended with an egg relay race.  It was so much fun watching the kids try to keep that egg on their spoon!

It was a great party....but it's always the people that make parties great, no matter how much decorating you do!  So thanks to my peeps...and I don't mean the marshmallow ones!

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