Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Princess Party

A princess party!  Every little girl's dream!  So there are many ways to go with a princess party.  You can either do a general Disney princess theme, a specific Disney princess theme or a generic princess party; perhaps of a certain time...renaissance, English, Egyptian, ect.  If you are doing a specific princess, try to make it look like a scene from the movie.  For example, The Little Mermaid....

Cinderella's ball....

If you are doing Snow White, you may want to do an Enchanted Forest theme with apples everywhere.
If you are doing Sleeping Beauty you may want to have a big slumber party with pillows and blankets spread all over.
Obviously, Mulan would have an Asian flair and Jasmine would have Middle Eastern decor.

And regarding budget, you can go very big, as seen above, or small and quaint.  If you are doing a small party, then try to concentrate all your decor into one room or will make a bigger impact than if it's all separated all over the house.  And add music!  Find the perfect theme music to fill the atmosphere.

So there are some essentials you need to have at a princess party.  First, guests should come dressed in princess attire unless you are providing them all at the door.  Second, tiaras, cone hats, crowns or wands are a make this a craft or party favor for each guest.  Another activity could be things that have to do with "being pampered like a princess".  For example, putting on make-up, jewelry making, doing mani's or pedi's.

Delicate foods are always a plus: mini foods like quiches, muffins, candies, cupcakes, ect.    Fancy dish ware could be used, under adult supervision.  And it can be a collage of different dishes to give it more interest.  You just want to make it as "frufru" as can use a lot of your daughter's current stuff.  For example, collect her tiaras, boas, jewels, wands, gloves and princess books and make a collage as a table centerpiece.  Use some white or pink sheets as linens.  If you can add some roses and some crystals, it would make it sparkle just a little bit more.

Cakes can range from different princess' to castles to a glass slipper.  Cupcakes are always child friendly as well!

Colors don't always have to be pink.  It depends on the theme you're going with, but as long as you stick to 3 colors, you're golden!  

What to do with the boy guests?  Well, since we're talking royalty, make a Knights of the Round Table for them!  Choose some masculine colors and grab some shields and swords and voila!  They will have lots of fun with their sword fights!

Lastly, if you want to make this extra special, a horse drawn carriage ride will be a show stopper.  Your little princess will love it!

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