Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Playgroup

So my St. Patrick's Day inspiration came from some felt shamrocks that I saw on the internet and fell in love with.  So I dusted off my sewing machine and went at it....not a straight line, but oh well, you still get the point.  
I made enough to hang them from the window sill in my breakfast area...where most of the partying takes place.
I covered each table with a green and cream gingham tablecloth (or material that I cut to size).
So I saw these little leprechauns and fell in love.  My sister thinks that they are dumb "chachkies", and they are, but I couldn't resist, they were so cute.  And I filled their pot with the rainbow...skittles!
So then I saw this hat and pot at the party store.  It's a bit gaudy, but I still thought my girls would love it because it's gold and shiny.  So I filled the inside of the hat with foam to keep it upright and then I filled the pot with foam too.  After that, I hot glued these plastic coins all over the top and down the side.
I always love to do a specialty drink at a party.  So in the first container I poured in water with sliced apples and called it "Leprechaun Rain". With the second, I mixed 1 1/2 2-liters of 7-up and lime sherbet and called it "Shamrock Syrup".  I thought they were both great!
Just a side view of it all together.
Sugar cookies that I made.  Whew!  A lot harder and time consuming than I thought.  I made my own cookie dough, dyed it green and then cut them with a shamrock cookie cutter.  But once they cooked up, they grew and just kept expanding.  They wouldn't even look like shamrocks if it wasn't for the icing I drew on them.
You can't celebrate St. Patty's day without Corned Beef and potatoes.  So I cooked the beef overnight in the crock-pot and had potato rolls to put it on.
My guest were very good about bringing something green for food.  We had pistachio pudding, zucchini bread, spinach dip, veggies, green jello, green m&m's, green muffins, and green grapes & apples.
More food!
Loved the muffins!
This dip was awesome!
So for activities for the kids, we read some St. Patrick's Day books.
We also made some Shamrock necklaces with left over beads and shamrocks that I had.  I tied a bead to one end to keep them from slipping off.  Then I taped the other end like a shoe string to make the beads go easier.
Lastly we colored some St. Patty's day pages that I printed from the internet.
All the kids left happy and with green teeth!!!
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