Friday, June 25, 2010

4th of July Celebrations!

So 4th of July is only a week away, are you ready for it?

One of my favorite things about this holiday is seeing how much people get into it with decorating their house, parades, BBQ's, ect.  I adore how much we all love our country and are proud to display our American Flag...for some reason it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

So, decorating your house...this I LOVE!!!  I mean, why not?  We decorate for Christmas, at least this time of the year it is not freezing outside while you decorate.

I "heart" this idea of making curtains for the entry of your porch.  And, of course, bunting is always classic!  But bringing it all together are the red flowers and red Adirondack chairs!

I also love how they took material to swag all over their makes such an impact!
You can purchase really good quality material, bunting, flags, ect. at this website.  I just did and their product superseded my expectations!

This was also a great idea...pennant banners.  I love all the different fabrics and designs, while still sticking to the red, white and blue theme.

The tablescape!  Well, usually you can find foods that repeat the red, white or blue theme and those foods create your tablescape.  Check out that dessert in the glass container...beautiful!

I also love this table runner, placemats and napkins.  Crisp and classic!

This was just too nostalgic for me to pass up!  I love the barn, flag, tablecloth, red truck and even the sunflowers!

Now this a very inexpensive way to create centerpieces for your table...flags in a sand bucket!  And all the tableware is red and blue.  If you think about it, all the summer holidays are patriotic: Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, ect.  So why not invest in some red, white and blue outdoor dishes, serving trays, ect.  You will use it over and over again!

Again, I love the flags in the sand bucket but I especially love the swagging fabric and paper lanterns!

Now this is fun!  I love the shape of the jars, but also the chalkboards and color of the drinks!

So food is all things summer!  From seafood to BBQ!  The traditional 4th of July cookout consists of hamburgers and hot dogs, fried chicken, ribs, potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad, corn on the cobb, watermelon, strawberries and blueberries, cornbread, lemonade, sweet tea, beer, apple pie, and, of course, a flag cake or trifle!

I love a trifle...a layered dessert.  It just looks so beautiful.  This, however, is made out of jello, I think?  Either way, it looks delicious!

Activities...well, this is where I get nostalgic!  I love the traditional games like 3-legged races, potato sack races, waterballoon toss, pie eating contest, tug of war, corn husking contest and watermelon seed spitting contest, ect.  Any of those combinations make for a great time!  Just add some patriotic music and some sparklers, and you're set!

Now who doesn't love a Kid's Bike Parade?  A kid parade is very easy to organize.  Just tell your neighbors when it's going to happen and talk to your police department or HOA about closing off that road.  The kids can walk, march with instruments, ride bikes, scooters, skates or wagons.  And, it's always fun to have a grand find a neighbor who has a motorcycle or golf cart to lead the parade!

Fireworks...the best part!  So fireworks usually begin around 9:30pm, just after dark.  One of our favorite things to do is bring food that is red, white and blue.  So we always pack watermelon or cherries, popcorn and blue soda!  Make sure you pack bug spray, blankets, sparklers, glow necklaces, ear plugs for kids, jackets, some music and your 3-D fireworks glasses!  That's right, there are glasses you can purchase to watch the fireworks like you're on acid!

I hope you have a great day celebrating with your family!  Enjoy the food, fireworks, parades, cook outs and time with your loved ones!  And remember why we get to celebrate this day, because, on July 4, 1776, our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain and giving us personal and religious freedoms!  Thank you forefathers!  
Cheers to the "pursuit of happiness"!
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