Wednesday, June 30, 2010

World Cup Party

So the World Cup games have been huge this year, thanks to our amazing USA Soccer team!  So if you are wanting to throw a party to watch the finals, which I think is July 11th 2:30pm Eastern on ABC, then you may want some inspiration.

I found this great website with an awesome layout for a World Cup party.  She even has printables for you to print out.  Check it out at: 

So I love that this party isn't the regular soccer plates and napkins.  Black and white are the obvious color themes with the added in green for the field.

Placemats in the design of a soccer field is brilliant!  But I LOVE the table's centerpiece....

Grass with little soccer cookie men!  Awesome!

I also love these flags in the hotdogs.

Here is another party that I thought was more grown up.  Again, using wheat grass on the table for texture is a great idea...especially when you can add in little soccer balls.  If you can't find some to buy, just purchase some golf balls and paint some of the divits black.

This is a great idea for cupcakes.  Just purchase a "grass" icing tip and green icing and make some grass.  Add on a candy or fondant soccer ball and you've got a huge hit!

These may even be easier....just ice the cupcake white and pipe on some black lines!

Some other ideas may be to use pennant flags in the team's colors or with different world flags on them.  You also may want to decorate with some referee jersey's and some real soccer jersey's.  If you want a large centerpiece, you could always purchase a trophy for the table.  To welcome your guest, you could line your walkway with soccer cones and then offer each of them a referee whistle as well as a megaphone!

You can keep food very simple by cooking hot dogs and  hamburgers or ordering pizza or a 6ft. sub.  Then just offer chips, fruit, nachos, soft pretzels, veggies and some Gatorade to thirst their quench and you'll be all set.  You could offer each guest some Gatorade in a squirt bottle with their names on them to keep.

Make sure you remind your guest to wear a soccer related jersey or shirt for the party!

Do all of this and you'll score big with your friends!

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