Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Indoor Decorations

 One of the best things about decorating for Halloween is that there are so many directions you can take it.  Some of the types of decor styles are: "fall", "haunted" , "jack-o-lantern", or "child-friendly".  Then there are the different color combinations: "black and white", "orange, yellow and white", "purple, orange, green & black", or the classic "black, white and orange".  Whatever style you choose, make sure you do just that, choose 1 style and run with it, don't mix styles or it will look tacky.  So here's some inspiration on styles that I thought were executed very well....

I love the simplicity of this decor.  Black and white with a touch of orange.
So I am a sucker for trees!  This bat tree stuck in a pumpkin is so much fun!
This doesn't seem to practical with kids in the house, but it is
oh so cute!
So this is more of a "simple scary" theme.  There are skeletons and spiders but nothing gory.  I'm also a sucker for banners so the pumpkins on a string is adorable!
If you're going for the "fall" theme, this is the perfect look!  Pumpkins, guords and leaves.  But my favorite is the chandelier with pumpkin candles!
My favorite thing about this is the banner and the "boo" letters in glass!  Love it!
So this isn't typical decor, but if you are hosting a Halloween party and have a black light, then this would be so much fun!  Love the weird photos on the wall!

So tablescapes are either elaborate centerpieces or a table decorated for a party.  Here are some of my favorites!
I thought that this was so unique and out of the ordinary, but executed well!  The title is "Monster Madness".

So this is my favorite kind of kids party: lots of custom made printables!  I love the different designs on the banner and food, but it all works because it's the same color scheme.
Love the kid's table and the spider's going up the wall!
So I love the tree centerpiece and the personalized chair bags!
Now this is simple but very cute!  The food signs and banner make it special!
Again with the fabulous tree, but check out all those orange circles!  Also, the food is displayed so beautifully with great symmetry!  Love it!
Well, not all of us have a barn, but if you did, this is the way to do it!
So another cute black and white theme.  Just whip up some pennant garlands and throw up a spider web, and voila, you've got a beautiful table!
So I am a sucker for glitter as well!  Love the color combinations here!
The green, orange, black and purple really go well together!
Love the tablecloth and pumpkin pedestal!
So you need some inexpensive decorations?  Grab some orange balloons and draw on a jack-o-lantern face!  Cute!
So I love any decor wood or grapevine, and these pumpkins are no exception!  
If you can hire a butler to come to your party, this is how he should serve drinks! :)
All I can say is "over the top" in a good way!  Every detail has been thought about!
What a cute way to make placecards for the table!
I really like the tablecloth here, looks like ripped cheese cloth.
Got a drill and some mice lying around?
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE monogrammed pumpkins!
And if you're not wanting to carve and have it forever, just buy the foam pumpkins, paint your monogram and then spray it with sealant!
I thought this was a great idea for kids!  They take turns popping a balloon to find a treasure!
Masked jack-o-lanterns!
So, if you're not in the mood yet to decorate your house for Halloween, well, then I can't help you!  Let your inner child break out and just have fun!  Your family and friends will enjoy all your work!
Happy Halloween!
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