Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween Outdoor Decor

Well Halloween is just around the corner and I am ready to celebrate!  As a child growing up not allowed to celebrate this holiday, I think I go a bit over-board in excitement!  However, I do have 4 small children so I tend to steer away from the very scary decorations and lean more towards using natural elements like pumpkins, trees, hay, mums and forest animals.

This is my absolute favorite image I found!  I love the simplicity of it but also the contrast of the orange pumpkins and the black crows!

Now I am not going to spend the time carving all these pumpkins, but I LOVE the idea!  What a great way to greet your trick-or-treaters!

Again, with the natural elements, I think the cornstalks and garland frame the door so nicely.  And the whimsy of the ghost picks just makes it fun!

This is also one of my favorite scenes!  Simple yet impactful!

I thought this was brilliant!  I love the cornstalks framing the walkway and the ghosts over the lanterns...genius!

Now what I like about this one is the grapevine pumpkins!  All of this decor can be purchased once and reused each year, that way you're not spending $100 on real pumpkins every year.

So I am a sucker for topiaries!  And these pumpkin topiaries are gorgeous!

So I know this looks a little busy, but can you imagine a brisk night out here drinking warm apple cider?!  Where are the smores?

So this is a little out of my comfort zone with the green window lights, but I do love the paper bag lanterns!

So how simple and cute is this?!  The trick-or-treaters can help themselves!

Gorgeous!  Love the way the doorway is framed and all the carved and lit pumpkins make for an elegant glow!

Now this I think is very cute!  Definitely geared towards children, but the pumpkins, ghost and witch are simple silhouettes that do not look cheap and gaudy.

I just love the colors in this!  All those orange pumpkins and those cute wood signs!

Now I know this is a lot, but what makes me like it is that it's simple and one theme!  If they had added in a bunch of other stuff, it would have taken away from the impact of their house being a giant spider web!

So, if you are planning on decorating this year, I say invest in faux pumpkins and decor that can be used year after year.  Stay away from all the plastic junk and stick to more classic natural items.  If anything, buy a mum, bail of hay, and some pumpkins to put on your front porch.  Then, when trick-or-treaters come by, hand them a bunch of chocolate candy and the parents a mohito! :)

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