Friday, June 21, 2013

Birthday Family Fun

Each year I plan a birthday party so that my kids can invite their friends.  But I also like to celebrate on their actual birthday in a more intimate, less formal way, with the family.  And since the "friends" birthday party usually must fall on a weekend and the birthDAY typically falls on a weekday, it's two day of fun!

Recently I posted our birthday checklist which is solely for the child's actual birthDAY.  This helps me stay on track for the day and not let the party overshadow it.

So I just wanted to share some photos from what we do on that day.  It's typically different depending on how much time I have to prepare for this day.  My checklist is a list of all the things I "hope" to do on that day, but I've actually never had a birthday where we accomplished it all.  No's just a guide to keep me on track.

I like to start the morning off by decorating their door.  There have been times I've done the balloons in their rooms but streamers are way easier...and sometimes easier has to win out! :)  Look at their excitement!

Breakfast is typically Birthday Pancakes!  I make a simple powdered sugar/milk icing and add some sprinkles, throw on a candle and it's magical!  I always put my collection of birthday books out too and we read them over the course of the week.  

I also created a birth book for each of the kids.  It's a simple shutterfly book that I made that tells the story of when they were born and who came to visit.  They love this book all about them.

We also have a special plate and a fun cup that we use for everyone's birthdays!  I made this one at some ceramic shop years ago and it was the best idea ever! 

 My 2 girls birthdays always fall during the school year, so I take in donuts for their whole class.  I'd love to do something healthier, but they always want donuts and since they eat healthy the majority of the time, donuts it is! :)

My boys birthday is in the summer, so I just gathered some of their friends and took them to the neighborhood pool for lunch.

I fed them all turkey/cheese rolls (or on whole wheat bread), veggies, hummus and fruits.  The horrible juice box reared it's ugly head, but oh well, sometimes you just gotta take the short cuts.

 Now I love a good birthday outfit! :)  Here's Bella this past birthday!

Here's one of my twins...we went to the pool and I wanted to let everyone know it's their special out came the sharpie! :)  We use these to write on them for swim meets so I thought, why not birthdays too?

My girls both love when I paint the rock at their school (next year the boys will want it too).  At our school you can sign up for a day and you can paint it and have it stay that way for 24 hours.  They love to come with me and help spray paint...what kid wouldn't want to smell those the daughter of an auto mechanic, I'm in love with spray paint and gas fumes! :)  Don't worry, I don't sniff them. 

 Sophia's took place on a rain day.  Yeah, I was that mom out there with an umbrella and towels trying to pain this sucker.  The paint job wasn't great, but hey, we did it!

  Birthday dinners are always fun.  I have all the decor and pretty much just reuse it each year.  I throw the cake and books on the table and a pennant banner up, and voila, we have a party!  My kids love to help me decorate for it.

Sometimes I make their cakes...sometimes I buy them, depending on my stress level that day.  A moms gotta be able to take shortcuts when needed otherwise the whole family will crash!

These cupcakes make me laugh!  They wanted my healthy homemade donuts.  So I made them.  And after tasting them I realized I switched baking powder for baking soda.  DISGUSTING!!!  Then I realized I ran out of vanilla.  So I quickly scoured through my pantry and found a 2 year old box of egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free cupcake mix.  HALLELUJAH!!  I threw in a couple chocolate chips and found a tub of chocolate icing and voila...we've got cupcakes!  Shortcuts and flexibility will take you far! LOL!

What they pick for their birthday dinner is always fun!  They wanted McDonalds.  I wasn't too excited about that shortcut so I grilled turkey burgers and baked some fries, added some raw green beans and humus and it was delicious!

 My favorite part of the birthday dinner is talking about how much we love that person and then them blowing out the candles. 

Presents are always given at the party.  

Their grandparents take them out to dinner and for a sleepover each year which they ADORE!!!  We rarely go out to eat due to the cost of 6 people and wanting to each healthier so this is a special treat.  

The two things that I struggle to remember every year is the photo in front of Daddy and the video taped interview.  I have about 30 questions that I ask them every year and record it.  It's hysterical to watch!  I always do it every year, it's just not always around their birthday.  Such is life! :)

Lastly ever year around their birthday their dad takes them to dinner and a movie.  He loves it, they love it...and, me, the extrovert, is stuck at home with the other kids.  Oh well, sometimes you have to sacrifice to make good memories!

One thing I want to start doing is decorating the car windows saying that it's their birthday.  Now that looks fun!  Who am I kidding, there's a ton more stuff I'd like to do, but can't physically do it all.  But I think these traditions we have going are good...we're happy with them! :)

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