Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY Felt Pennant Banner No Sew

The last day of school is on Monday and I wanted to make a pennant banner that I could use to decorate with outside.  And I thought since I was going through the trouble, then I wanted to make one I could use over and over again but was inexpensive.  Scrapbook paper has great selections of colors and patterns, but it's not that durable.  Fabric is great but most likely I would have had to sew.  So I felt that FELT was a great choice for this and here's the final product!

So I bought 12 pieces of felt (size 9x12) for $.29 each at Michaels.  This banner cost me $3.28!  I already had orange ribbon (a 30 foot 1/2 inch wide ribbon that cost me $2.67 at one point).  And I already had a glue gun and sticks.  This project took me about 1 hour to cut it all out and hot glue together.

Start by folding your felt in half and use a white piece of chalk or crayon to mark the 1/2 way point.

Then fold each side in to get the other 2 lines.  Mark them.

See where to mark them? 

Then you make your first cut from the top corner down to the first white line.

Then you just keep making diagonal cut to make 3 nice triangles.  The 2 pieces on the ends are just scrap materials now. 

 Then I laid each piece out (in rainbow order) and used a memory stick (2" long) to measure quickly between each pieces while I hot glued the felt to the ribbon.

It ended up making a 24' banner for $3.28 and 1 hour of my day!  I'm so happy I can reuse this over and over again!  I love primary colors for parties and this will work perfectly for our "Beginning of Summer" party!

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