Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Day of School Shirt

Tomorrow is the last day of school and I wanted the kids to make fun shirts to wear.  I got the tanks from Walmart for $3.00 each.  I already had the  neon paint, but I think they cost $.99 each.  I used 5 colors.

Basically I just wrote what I wanted to say, leaving room for their hand prints.  (I went with the "Calvin and Hobbes" font as my inspiration:  Calvin and Hobbes Font .

I wrote it the night before so it would be dry by morning and their hand prints wouldn't smear the writing, I've learned that the hard way.

I used a sponge brush to paint each hand one at a time and then place.  The kids picked the colors they wanted.

So here are the girls:

 And here are the boy's:

Now we're even more excited for the last day of school!! :)

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