Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Schedule

Today is the last day of school and I've been getting a little nervous about what to do with the kids this summer.  I already made a Summer Bucket List, but what do I do with them on a daily, hourly basis?  Schedules always work well for my family.  I am, by nature, an organized and routine person, so I find comfort in schedules.  I understand that some moms are more care-free and schedules freak them out, but I'm the opposite, not having a plan freaks me out! LOL!  

My children do very well with schedules and it avoids a lot of boredom and complaining because they already know what's coming next.  So here is what I came up for our summer schedule.  I have twin 4 year old boys so I did them in pictures too so they could understand what's next.  I cut these out, laminate them and then post them on the wall in order.  My kids love running to find out what's next on the schedule!  

Here's what I came up with:

First of all my kids are not allowed to come down to breakfast until their room is clean.  Best idea ever for our family!

TV time: my kids are not allowed to watch any show where the kids in it are older than they are (with the exception of Imagination Movers, Wiggles, ect.).  But I also go to Common Sense Media to look up shows and find out what is age appropriate.  But mostly we keep the TV on Nick Jr. or Disney Jr.  Otherwise it's Netflix shows which I have programmed to only show them "G" rated shows.

Chores: They each have chores they have to do every day.  They get a penny for each chore :).  My kids are ages 4-7 so I think that's appropriate.  They can earn extra $ for going above and beyond.

Laundry is a huge chore in this house of 6 people.  I wash and dry the clothes, they sort, fold (to the best of their ability) and put away (with me monitoring right now).  The goal is by the end of the summer for them not to need me to monitor any longer.

During "pool time", if it's a rainy day or we just don't feel like going, that's when we do something off the summer bucket list or run errands, ect.  But you have to understand that I don't really run errands with 4 little kids, LOL!  Almost all of my errands/grocery shopping is done on the weekends when the hubby's home so I can maintain some sort of sanity! :)

So despite it being summer, I do want them to continue to stay sharp with what they have already learned in I want more time for myself so I can get my chores done.  So school work it is!  They do reading, some Summer Fit Workbook Worksheets, journaling or coloring (for writing) and then they switch between my favorite online learning program and educational DVD's.

Outside or bedroom time is mostly for them to have some independent/alone play time.  This, I find, is necessary for my introvert children as well as just to force them to expand their imagination.

Hope that gives you some ideas to do with your kids this summer.  Good luck! :)

To download them all, click here: Summer Schedule

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