Friday, June 14, 2013


Father's Day is this moms all geared up?  With my husband and I, what we expect from these days are completely different.  Being a mom who is home all day, every day with the kids, what I want is breakfast in bed, homemade cards from the kids, flowers and then to go out to eat and stay away from home as long as possible.  I don't want them to cook anything in my kitchen and then I deal with "Mother's Day Hangover" on Monday morning where I'm cleaning all day from Sunday's mess.

However, since my husband works a lot, and often travels, for Father's Day all he wants is to stay home.  I'll cook (as usual) and we'll hang with his family (since my family lives in another state).  I'll take care of the kid's every need and he gets to be the "fun" one for the day.  The kids will make cards and this year I even got him a gift!  He loves just spending the day playing with them all! But he doesn't want to go anywhere or do anything...he wants to stay home, play and relax.  Which I'm good with! :)  So it's always an easy day for us.

In any marriage, there are things that annoy me about my husband.  But I have to say, his fathering abilities are not one of them.  He's a great dad!  It's one of the reasons I married him!  My father was an absentee dad.  He's never been interested in pursing a relationship with me and that was extremely hard for this little girl.  So honestly when I met my husband and saw how much he loved animals, I thought he'd make a great dad...rocket science, I know! :)

He's extremely helpful around the house.  He's playful with the kids.  He has patience, he's an amazing provider, he's a disciplinarian, he's affectionate with the kids, he's a protector (have you seen his biceps?) and he's a jokster...which my kids love!  Everyday I feel extremely grateful that he's their father and I get to finally witness what it's supposed to look like between a child and their father.  It's magical!

With all that said, I know that Father's Day is very hard for a lot of people.  Perhaps their father is deceased.  Maybe they don't have a good relationship.  Maybe they keep trying to be a father to no avail.  Or maybe they are away from their family serving in the military or traveling for work.  Whatever the case may be, it can be hard.  Life can be hard and I'm sorry this day is hard for you. :(  It's hard for me too sometimes.

One thing I do know is that it doesn't take sperm to be a great father...although both would be helpful!  All around me are great men who have influenced my life in amazing ways...and I can call them father in my heart.  Hopefully on this day we can look to all the men who have positively impacted our life and be grateful.  And if I drank wine, I'd cheers to all you great father's out there!  Hopefully you will accept my cheers of diet Dr. Pepper! :)

Diet Dr. Pepper Cheers to my wonderful husband who is a great father & sperm donor! :)

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