Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Past Halloween Parties

I was not allowed to celebrate Halloween as a kid.  My mother still believes it's Satan's day and trembles when I talk about trick-or-treating every year, but she tolerates me now! :)  I remember one year in college when I went door to door with my big black bible witnessing to people who were handing out candy.  I'm sure they were so annoyed that they opened their door to me! LOL!

After digging deep and studying all the holidays, I realized that most of them have strange and questionable beginnings.  I mean, we celebrate Christmas, the birth of Christ, and Biblical scholars still disagree on the actual date Jesus was born.  Some say September, some January, none say December 25th.  Either way, it's about celebrating what's in your heart today, not how people hundreds of years ago celebrated.

I've changed a lot since then and am now a HUGE Halloween fan!  Any reason to dress up silly and eat creatively crafted food is a good enough reason for me!  So below you will see the kid's parties I've thrown over the last few years.  You will notice that each year gets less and less, LOL!  But the good news is, once you buy your supplies, you have them forever and can reuse and reuse costing less and less every year!

This was the biggest Halloween party I hosted!  I think I had over 75 moms and kids at my house that day and it was a blast!  Everyone helped out by bringing a fun food to share and boy were they fun!
My kids and I were pirates that year...arrrr matey!

 Look at this spread!

 Here is the drink station.  For the wall plates, I just printed some clip art, cut them out and double stick taped them onto the plates.

My drinks: Ghoul's Guice & Pirate Punch...with floating hands!

 This was on the other side of the room.  Just some crows, cats, owls, rats and caution tape!

Now check out all this food:

Oreo spiders

Now this particular year we had a smaller group...25 moms and kids?  So I moved it into my breakfast area.

We didn't want to do costumes and have the kids ruin them with spills, so we just wore silly things instead!  What?  Who doesn't have orange/black stripped tights? :)

 Once again, I'm addicted to floating hands of ice!  Just pour kool-aid into a latex glove and freeze!

Ok, now this one almost didn't happen.  It was last minute and I grabbed my Halloween box and threw it together in a few minutes!

Costumes? LOL!  How about just a witches hat?

I loved these hot dog fingers!  Just slice and boil with some onions.  Then trim and assemble with ketchup!

So that's all folks!  Just a couple of parties I've done in the past.  
Who knows what I'll do this year?  
We'll see....

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