Thursday, October 3, 2013

We've Been Boo'd!

October is such a fun month!  And one of the things our neighborhood does to make it so fun is "Boo'ing" other neighbors.  Basically you make 2 baskets of goodies for unsuspecting neighbors.  Then you sneak up to their home at night, ring the doorbell, leave the goodies and run!  You then leave them a note/sign about being "boo'd" and they have to hang the sign on their front door so others know that they have already been boo'd.  Then they have 24 hours to boo 2 other families.  By Halloween, all the doors have little "boo" signs on them and everyone has received a special treat!

Here's what I did this year:
Bottle of wine, wine bag, wine glass, holographic ghost can, napkins, cups, glow stick wands, pumpkin carver kit, candy, bucket, boo sign.

Now, I know that this looks like a lot, however, I bought almost all of it last year after Halloween at 75% off.  So when October arrives, I just grab last year's stash, add perishables and whip it up!  All and all I think I paid about $15 to make the entire basket.

This was my favorite find!  A holographic ghost that talks!  The kids are going to love it!

Then I made these for the moms!  I saw these on etsy and just had to make them myself!  Just buy a glass or acrylic cup, clean it with alcohol, write on it with Sharpie Oil Based Paint Pens and then spray with Mod Podge Spray (make sure to tape off where the lips touch so you don't get Mod Podge where the lips go).

I customized the back with their family name and year.

Then I shoved it all in the basket and covered with spider webs!  

Here's the sign that I used and a little note to go with it! 
My Computer Is My Canvas made this printable.   

It's a very fun and wonderful tradition to start in your neighborhood!  Happy Boo'ing!

P.S.  Here's how it went with us...after baths and pajamas, we snuck out to boo our neighbors!  This is my crazy kids acting "scary". LOL!

Hiding behind bushes to hear their reaction!

Sneaking up to the next house!

What great memories!

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