Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Ideas & Checklist

Do you feel the pressure?  There are only 10 more days until Thanksgiving which means that the Christmas season is fast approaching...only 37 more days until Christmas!  

My husband is a CPA and the end of the year is his busy season...well, it's mine too!  All moms across the world are super excited for the holiday festivities but also equally frantic about what that means for our workload.  So, I try to be as prepared as possible this season to keep myself calm and enjoying all the little moments.  Easier said than done, but I give it a good try! ;)

I know that this holiday is about giving thanks for what we have, and as American, we truly are blessed!  But as the parent who does all the preparing for these holiday, it's hard to stay in a state of gratitude and not be in a state of busy.  Meditation and being in the moment are what helps me relax in to a grateful mindset.  But meditation can come in many varieties.  My therapist taught me how to meditate with my senses.  Take 5 minutes (multiple times a day) and close your eyes and mediate only on what you hear, or what you smell, or feel, ect.  Or open your eyes and mediate on just the beauty you see.  Or my personal favorite, eat a favorite food super slow and meditate on all the flavors! :)  That's how I try to enjoy all the little moments throughout each day!

So this year my oldest daughter's birthday falls on Thanksgiving day.  We are doing her slumber party the weekend before to give us a bit of a break, but we also don't want to ignore her special day just because it falls on Thanksgiving.  So, I've created my little checklist to keep me on track.  

I hope it helps inspire you to start planning and preparing so that you can relax more on this special day of Thanks!

To download this checklist, click here:
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